Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Witch

Just got back from Trick or Treats :) Had a great time tonight, with a snow princess, a lumberjack and a pirate :) The witch hat was a hit, kind of heavy, though. Wearing false eyelashes took me to the years of my dance performances..


Biraz önce döndük bayram gezmesinden :) Bir kar prensesi, bir oduncu ve bir korsanla çok güzel zaman geçirdik :) Cadı şapkam biraz ağır olsa da en iyilerindendi. Takma kirpikler beni dans gösterilerimizin olduğu yıllara götürdü.

LAMB sandals/ayakkabı, Bora Aksu for Koton top/bluz, Polo Garage leather skirt/deri etek


  1. Wouw this is amazing... First the make up, did you do it yourself, seriously, I could not manage to wear false eyeleashes by myself. And the outfit, seems like I have not seen your closet for a while, it must be huge... XOXO

  2. you should wear make up more often Pelin. Completes your pretty outfits. You look great and am sure had wonderful time :)

  3. Thanks girls! I tried my best. Putting the eyelashes on is tricky, these didn't stay in place, though :( But, I think I got used to wearing them back in Boston :) Well, about my closet, it is definitely not huge, but I keep my loved clothes forever :) This skirt is from 2001 :))

    Guldem, my only daily makeup is a pale blush. Either I do not have time to put on more or I am not used to wearing more. I think it is the latter.. will try to do it better ;)