Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Things You Wouldn’t Know...

Our HR Manager asked me to write something personal about me that they wouldn't know otherwise. Here it goes:

Native of Black Sea, Turkey, where you can get the most delicious fish in the world. We used to have fish even at breakfast. That region is always rainy, but it never bothered me (years later, named my daughter “Yağmur”, rain in Turkish).

I went to college in Ankara, where I met my husband, then moved to Istanbul to start my career. Here is my world journey after Istanbul:
  • Moved to Boston in late 2001
  • Moved back to Istanbul in mid-2006
  • Moved to LA in late 2009
I think we love to be nomads like our ancestors.

I have a daughter, Yağmur  (Rain),7, and a son, Doğa (Nature), 3.

I found dance as the best way to express myself. I have performed with a semi-professional dance company for about 5 years, in US (Boston, Washington DC, New York, Rhode Island) and in Turkey, mostly modernized Eastern European, Balkan, and Turkish dances. Now, I am more into Flamenco.

As an adventurous family, we like to try various sports and outdoor activities; skiing, sailing, fishing, horseback riding, wind surfing, rafting…
My fun activities include fashion related blogging and instagramming :)

Life, kids and food lover :)

I am not sure if I should tell this since that would be a dangerously valuable information for my manager :). If anyone encourages me, I just cannot let it go and try to do the most challenging things. We have a perfect idiom for this kind of behavior for which I do not know what the exact translation is, maybe get carried away.. It is written in my high school senior yearbook that I jumped from the classroom window because everyone did know that I would do it when they say “you can do it!”. I could barely walk for two months, afterwards.

To me, Istanbul is the most beautiful city in the world. New York comes right after..

My life goal is to be remembered as a good, humble and wise person, and to raise my kids as happy, successful individuals.



Türkçe bölüm henüz yazılmaya başlanmadı... Bekleyin anacııııım...



  1. Bayadır post yazmamıstın ozlemişim! :) Ne kadar az ve oz ifade etmişsin "sen"i aslında, cok sevdim ben karadenizli nomad anne Pelin'i :)